Hyper-Kamiokande (HK or Hyper-K) project is the world- leading international scientific research project hosted by Japan aiming to elucidate the origin of matter and the Grand Unified Theory of elementaly particles. The project consists of the Hyper-K detector, which has an 8.4 times larger fiducial mass than its predecessor, Super-Kamiokande, equipped with newly developed high-sensitivity photosensors and a high-intensity neutrino beam produced by an upgraded J-PARC accelerator facility.

The supplementary budget for FY2019 which includes the first-year construction budget of 3.5 billion yen for the Hyper- Kamiokande project was approved by the Japanese Diet. The Hyper-K project has officially started. The operations will begin in 2027.

Spain, through the Ministry of Science, has begun conversations to participate in this project in which scientists at CIAFF-UAM are intensely involved.